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Our focus areas:

Anxiety  |  Depression  |  Trauma  |  Loss (bereavement/divorce)  |  Neuropsychology Assessments and report  |  Addiction (Dual Diagnosis)


What to expect from a session?

- A session usually is around 50min in length.

- A first session is used to discuss the presenting problem and gather information regarding the history and current effect of the problem.

- A second session will be arranged to discuss the treatment plan which will be collaborated on to reach consensus. Once this is done the treatment phase will start and you will have a clear indication of what we will be working on, how long approximately it will take and how things could look different in the future.


Individual Psychotherapy


Couples Therapy


Family therapy


Neuropsychology assessments and reports


Psychology Student Supervision

About HumanPsyc

I started HumanPsyc as a combination of two worlds. One is to be Human, and the other is to learn through Psychology more about ourselves. The combination is HumanPsyc, an experience to become the best version of myself and your-self as uniquely created.


I believe that psychology and the work I do is based on the relationship between myself and you. I have years of private practice experience in different outpatient and inpatient facilities. Having had the privilege to be part of exceptional University teams where I served on the clinical master’s psychology selection program of the University of Johannesburg as a fulltime employee and in later years as a guest lecturer as part of the University of Johannesburg and University of Pretoria's clinical and counselling training team. I completed my PhD in which I designed a psycho-educational model to facilitate self-awareness as an integral part of mental health.


Integral to my approach was the years spend as part of the Mosaiek team as the Leader of the Wholeness Medical Center and also forming part of productions such as, Die Boodskap production on KykNet, Formasiereis, and In die Oomblik which is available on YouTube and Facebook. I have presented papers at National conferences throughout South Africa in the field of Neuropsychology and Self-Awareness., and at present I am a SACNA asocial member. 

Dr WJ Human Psycologist


- Charged at recommended medical aid rate

- Cash discount at R800,00 per session. 

Payment Methods

- Practice claim directly from medical aid

- Card


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Morgenzon St, Groenvlei, Paarl, 7646, Morgenzon Practice

Practicing previlages at: Team member Spescare Paarl And Team member Promentis Healthcare


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Tel: 083 257 8440  |  Email: info@humanpsyc.co.za

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